Interview: 6 Fragen an Dolly Style

Dolly Style waren im vergangenen Jahr DER Überraschungs-Act beim Melodifestivalen. Mit ihrem Uptempo-Popsong „Hello Hi“ hatten sich die drei Mädels Holly, Molly und Polly schnell den Weg in unsere Herzen und Playlists erobert. Wir haben mit Dolly Style über ihre neue Single „Rollercoaster“, ihren Auftritt und ihre Pläne für 2016 gesprochen.

Wie bereits in den Vorwochen mit Laura Kamhuber, Ylva & Linda und Krista Siegfrids haben wir auch Dolly Style sechs Fragen gestellt. Da das Interview in englischer Sprache geführt wurde und wir die Antworten der Mädels so detailgenau wie möglich wiedergeben möchten, haben wir uns für eine Veröffentlichung in englischer Sprache entschieden.


Schwedenschlager: It’s great to see Dolly Style back in Melodifestivalen. „Hello Hi“ was one of our highlights last year. Please, can you tell us something about „Rollercoaster“? Is it in the same style as „Hello Hi“ or are you going a different way?

Dolly Style: Thanks! It’s so nice to hear that you like Hello Hi! For „Rollercoaster“ we worked with two new songwriters and therefore, of course, it’s a bit different from Hello Hi. Also we’ve developed a lot as a group during the past year and it’s natural that our music changes at the same time as we do, but the core is still the same. „Rollercoaster“ is more „up- beat“ than „Hello hi“ and it also has a strong message that life has its ups and downs but no matter what happens, you just have to enjoy the ride.  

Schwedenschlager: Are you aiready choreographing the performance? What can we expect?

Dolly Style: We’ve been working on our number for a while now and we’ve had the honor to work with an amazing choreographer, Thomas Benstem, who has helped us to create a strong and colorful girl power number. We don’t want to reveal to much but you can expect a lot of energy, dancing and colors but this time in a different way….Just wait and see.

Schwedenschlager: Can each of you please describe herself with three words?

Molly: Funny, cute and has a loud laughter.
Holly: Openminded, almost never think as fast as I speak, foodie
Polly: Clumsy, caring and a driving spirit.

Schwedenschlager: Do you have a favorite artist from this year’s Melodifestivalen line-up?

Dolly Style: It’s hard to say when we’re only one week into the competition and we haven’t even heard half of the songs yet but we are quite excited about Lisa’s and Isa’s songs because they are friends of ours. 

Schwedenschlager: What are your plans after Melodifestivalen? Is there a Dolly Style album on its way? A Tour? 

Dolly Style: After Melodifestivalen we’re heading out on a summer tour around Sweden and we’re also planning on releasing some new singles. We’re so excited! The majority of our fans are pre-teens and teens and this past year we’ve had the opportunity to get to know our fans a lot better and through that also get a peak into their normal day life. Lots of them are struggling with insecurities and different kinds of bullying and we do our best to help them to strengthen their self esteem and get the confidence to dare to be themselves no matter what people around them say. Therefor we’re now working on a new song about bullying that we hope will help this cause. We really want to give back to them for their amazing support! We look forward a lot to this year and hopefully we will be able to meet our fans outside Sweden soon…

Schwedenschlager: Do you have a message for your german-speaking fans?

Dolly Style: You guys are amazing and we we hope that we will be able to come visit soon! We love you!

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